Carly Blackman is an Irish born singer-songwriter who has spent a large part of her existence living in France. She has been composing on the piano since she was 5 years old and first picked up her father’s classical guitar age 18. While studying in Paris, she started recording live demos on an old Sony minidisc recorder and took up Jazz theory and vocal improvisation. It was then that she decided to create the persona of “Carly Sings”, inspired by Chet Baker's album "Chet Baker Sings", French yeye singers, and American artist Bright Eyes. 

Back in Dublin, she hosted and played at an open mic night every Monday. Jason Boland bass player of Kodaline heard her and asked if he could record some demos in his studio. They invited French producer Axel Concato to join them, and Jerome Pichon (guitarist with Melody's Echo Chamber). The producer Steve Shannon heard their efforts and offered to make more recordings. The demos became an album called “The Glove Thief”. Her debut was received with critical acclaim for its catchy melodies and unusual literary lyric writing. Carly quickly became known for her crystalline vocals and sixties jazz chords. After its release, she performed and toured with other international acts like José Gonzalez, The Spinto Band, Peter Von Poel, BellX1, Glen Hansard and Baxter Dury in Ireland, France, the UK and East Coast US, making many special radio, TV, and festival appearances, notably a live radio concert with strings for Lyric Fm's JK Sessions. Her next recording would be an acoustic album made in fellow Irish musician Damien Rice's home studio. 

Carly officially moved to Paris in 2012, to pursue various musical collaborations with French arrangers and pop groups (Jean Claude Vannier, Syd Matters and Nouvelle Vague). She met British songwriter Richard Walters with whom she sang and co-wrote several songs. She performed as a guest with many different artists and projects from folk to pop to electronica, often lending her voice and music to TV and Film soundtracks. After the success of her home-made music videos on music television, she embarked on a career in the cinema, working as a film director, screenwriter, score composer and director of photography, even making numerous short films and music videos for legendary musicians like Sebastien Tellier and The Joubert Singers.